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A Heat pump for Byron

The simple gift of a heat pump has changed life for the better for 8-year-old Byron Andrews and his family.  

The Taranaki boy has a chromosomal deletion and epilepsy and cannot control his own body temperature.

Hot weather increases his chances of having a seizure.

"We have other problems when his temperature is really low too," Byron's mum Lisa Andrews said.

Which is why, when he ended up in hospital with pneumonia late last year, Andrews applied for funding for a heat pump from the Little Fighters Trust, an organisation that offers support to children affected by a life threatening illness

"We nearly lost him a couple of times," Andrews said. "We decided it was something that he needed."

Andrews said cold mornings and hot days really throw her son's health.

"We have a fire place but you can't control the temperature."

She said her husband Corry, and 13-year-old son Noah, had spent a lot of time in hospital with Byron over the years.

She hoped the $3500 heat pump from the trust would help reduce those visits. 

Andrews said when she did get a hold of the trust they told her they don't usually give out such large grants, so she was overwhelmed when they did. 

"We want to say a big thank you.

"The heat pump has been awesome and made lots of difference for Byron."

The Little Fighters Trust is made up of a group of Taranaki people who seek to support those in need in their community.