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FDMC's Head Shaving for Little Fighters Trust

A group of Francis Douglas Memorial College boys are losing their hair to raise money for a good cause.

Head boy Jack Earp and eight other senior students yesterday exchanged their locks for a buzz cut to raise funds for Little Fighters and the school wants to raise $5500 for the charity.

Jack said he had always been “a long haired guy” and his head “felt a bit lighter” after going under the clippers. “Some parents were quite happy to see their son lose their golden locks,” he said.

Nearly 100 students showed up at the school hall to show their support. Dion Biddick, 13, came especially to see Jack have his hair shaved. “He loves his hair,” Dion said. Friend Connor Johnson, also 13, said the senior students were going to “look funny” for a few days after the shave. Jack said the deaths of schoolmates Adam Clegg and Riley Looker played a “big role” in deciding which charity to support. They decided on a local organisation that helped families struggling with a sick child or a death.

A total of $3413 has been raised by the boys , which included $1200 from the head shave. West said the boys’ fundraising efforts were the “biggest scale to date” put out by schools for the organisation.