Who do we help?

The Little Fighters Charitable Trust offers support to families who have a child with a life threatening illness, or where a parent has a life threatening illness that affects the child or children, whether it be financial or non-monetary services, our aim to focus assistance where needed to each family.

We also raise awareness and provide resources and connections to families who require assistance as a result of a life threatening illness affecting the child or children.


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How can you help?

Whether it is financial help in the way of donations, sponsorship or fundraising, volunteering your time or joining us, every little bit helps and everyone can make a difference. 

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Mucking In

Recently we took on a massive task of a garden makeover, the unsuspecting family were lured away from their home for the day and our team of volunteers, along with some wonderful local businesses, jumped in and got the job done. 

This was a massive surprise for the family whose dad is unwell and undergoing treatment, the pressure this puts on the family is massive, not only financially but emotionally.  We were able to catch them up on the garden that was getting away from them and also the fantastic smiles it put on their faces was priceless!

A lovely deserving family indeed.


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What's on

Coastal Rumble

Wow Taranaki! We are delighted to announce an awesome fundraising outcome last night of over $5000.00.
Thank you to all who supported us by donating goods, donating money and bidding on our amazing auction packages.

These funds will go directly to supporting our Taranaki families facing life threatening illness.

To the families we support - You were all in our thoughts and hearts last night our Little Fighters Families - we are proud to be able to call you our family.

Kelly Langton and of course James Langton. Your unfailing support for Little Fighters Trust is so heartwarming. Every event you have our backs and ensure we gain the support we need to continue to make good on our community. You are both such kind caring people - the world needs more people like you! Thank you for another awesome event - you really know how to raise the roof!

James our Ambassador - you did us proud!!!
You fought like the good coastal rumbler you are, and it was a honour to watch and support you!
It may not have gone your way last night James - but you FOUGHT, and fought HARD, like our babies, kiddies and parents who fight every single day.
We are so proud of you and thank you for being our hero :)

Little Fighters Trust - never fight alone



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Fiver to fight

How we help

Fiver to Fight

Our challenge to you is to donate a Fiver to Fight, you choose if its five dollars per week, per fortnight or per month, it's up to you!  But we know that every little bit helps a local Taranaki family struggling with a life threatening illness.  Our pledge to you is that every cent you donate goes to helping one of our wonderful families.


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