How we help

The Little Fighters Charitable Trust offers support to families who have a child with a life threatening illness, or where a parent has a life threatening illness that affects the child or children, whether it be financial or non-monetary services, our aim to focus assistance where needed to each family.

We also raise awareness and provide resources and connections to families who require assistance as a result of a life threatening illness affecting the child or children.




Dealing with a life threatening illness is something no family should have to deal with, but the reality of this situation is all too real for many Taranaki families.  The Little Fighters Trust offers...

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Financial Assistance

 When a family member gets sick, often Mum and or Dad have to give up work to care for their loved one.  This puts an immense amount of unnecessary stress into an already difficult time.  There is usu...

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Special Memories

The Little Fighters Trust works with many partners to provide families with special memories.  Every families needs are different so we tailor these memories to suit each family.  In the past we have ...

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Home Help

Well the odd jobs and major renovations we have done in the past have been fantastic, from room makeovers to garden makeovers, concrete paths to sandpits, you name it, we have probably done it.  Our t...

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Nobody wants to spend days on end in hospital undergoing treatments, we like to help a little with providing our kids with a bit of fun to take their mind off what is going on. We also like to make su...

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