Calf Rearing Programme

The Little Fighters Trust developed their calf rearing programme in January 2018, with an aim to create strong awareness in the Rural community for the Little Fighters Trust, along with creating a stream of income that will support the Trusts increasing demands going forward.

It is with sadness the promotion has not been able to take place as it usually would have as a result of M.Bovis.

Under MPI recommendations, it is advised the calf rearing project now offers two options:

Virtual Calf -  Enabling farmer to still help in a significant way despite the challenges they currently face with M.Bovis.  Make a $400.00 payment via the Virtual Calf button, and know that you have supported a family with immediate impact, as a result of your efforts!

You will automatically be placed on the list of contact people for next year, and have a tag allocated to you for rearing next season.

Rear a Calf – Some farms are still choosing to Rear and sell a calf OR donate the proceeds of a cull, to Little Fighters Trust.  All rearing costs etc are covered by the farmer, and risks associated with disease remain the responsibility of the farmer to manage.

We are delighted to be able to offer this project despite the ramifications of M.Bovis, and welcome all who wish to support us to do so with confidence.

A huge thanks to ALLFLEX for supporting us with Ear Tags for this promotion.